Times have changed, technology has evolved. With complex hybrid IT infrastructure and growing volume of connections, ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) is no longer helping organizations to effectively address new integration challenges. The era of ESB is over.

Organizations which have invested in ESB technologies are facing the below challenges and are moving out of the legacy middleware systems.

  • Organization’s IT modernization initiatives - ESBs are struggling to evolve fast enough to support the rapidly expanding diversity of applications that businesses need to connect to and support
  • Monolithic architecture with high cost – ESBs are very large pieces of software that requires a separate development, testing and production environment along with specialized & experienced team
  • Not Cloud-friendly - ESBs can only support on-premise integrations and doesn’t support anytime, anywhere integration

This guide includes insights on:

  • How business can evolve their existing integration infrastructure
  • How to identify if your current ESB is slowing down your business
  • What steps to take to accelerate your business and automate business processes