Our customer had issues with data management since there had various versions of master data entities in multiple systems; existence of dark data, and unavailability of data provision when needed. They were in desperate need of a solution that would integrate the data in their architecture and derive a single version of the truth.


To help our customer integrate their scattered data, we decided to take the ownership of initializing, architecting, designing, and building an end to end data asset solution using Boomi iPaaS platform. This approach helped the customers in having one central data housing all the master entries with their latest versions.

  • Maintenance of high quality data in one central location with zero duplicates
  • Availability of data in real-time with no avenues for data mismatch
  • Elimination of errors in the invoices due to the availability of latest accurate data in the billing system
  • Assurance of accurate and real-time reporting for business decision-makers