There is no doubt that Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) has helped a lot of companies’ get away from their point-to-point integrations and provided a pre-built, well defined pluggable system. But unfortunately, the big monolithic system doesn’t support today’s hybrid IT environment and is no longer helping enterprises to achieve its digital transformation initiatives.

Here is the quick comparison between ESB and Dell Boomi iPaaS.

Comparison ESB Dell Boomi
Platform Features Traditional proprietary ESB platform Modern iPaaS Platform
  • Code based development tool & environment required
  • Limited to on-premise integration
  • Complex architecture for on premise & SaaS based integration
  • 100% cloud native, low code & multi-tenant architecture
  • Move, manage & govern data across enterprise from a single platform
  • Support all combination of integration between cloud, SaaS & on-premise systems
OpEx & TCO Higher OpEx & TCO Low OpEx & TCO
  • Maintain infrastructure to host middleware systems
  • Require highly specialized resources for deployment & overall support and implementation
  • High license cost
  • Install new software release/ bug patches automatically
  • Eliminates the need for any on-premise infrastructure
  • Eliminates the need to create & maintain multiple instances
Scalability Low Scalability High Scalability
  • Require pre-identified architectures in place to support scalability
  • Time and effort involved to scale dynamically to support sudden growing business needs becomes very painful and cumbersome
  • Horizontal scaling is simple and cost effective
  • Vertical scaling is very quick with no code changes but limited to size of the server.
Emerging Technologies Abandon Emerging Technologies Connecting Emerging Technologies
  • Not built for hybrid IT architecture and doesn’t support APIs & cloud environment
  • Limitations on implementing IoT/ Machine Learning/ Block Chain
  • Boomi’s in-built modules like API, MDM, EDI & Flow addresses various integration challenges which modern enterprises face
  • With high horizontal scalability & large volume of connected devices, Boomi is the supports IoT/ AI/ Machine Learning related integration
Analytics & Diagnostics Lacks Analytics & Diagnostics Smart Analytics & Diagnostics
  • Complex Integration with external queuing applications for enhanced message handling capabilities
  • Lacks smart error & exception handling
  • Cloud based external modules provided for Application monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Dashboard view to monitor and manage data, integration and analytics